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The Target Culture Point has been part of the National Network of Culture Points since 2009. From 2012 onwards we implemented the project named Rubem Berta in the Wings of Culture in partnership with the State Department of Culture, benefiting more than 200 young people from the Rubem district Berta in Porto Alegre with free courses and workshops.

The project promotes cultural activities, courses and artistic interactions valuing community-based identities.

With the end of the contract with SEDAC, the cultural point changed its name to simply Alvo Cultural.



Debates, meetings and knowledge exchange. Convergence point of cultural and social diversity.


Training in community communication. Photography, videos and writing. Fanzine, websites and social networks.


Hip Hop courses and workshops, organization and production of events, clothing printing, musical instruments, guitar among others.


Events, fairs, community festivals and space for new artists.

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