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Rap In Cena World generates 2,500 jobs in Rio Grande do Sul

The event still moves the tourism and education sectors, in addition to estimating the collection of 100 tons of food.

Food storage at Rap In Cena Festival 2019.

On October 15th and 16th, Rap In Cena World, the biggest hip hop culture festival in southern Brazil, takes place in Porto Alegre. In addition to the more than 60 confirmed attractions, the event once again heats up the entertainment sector in Rio Grande do Sul. There are more than 2,500 jobs generated by Rap In Cena across the state.

“We are employing sound teams, marketing, cleaning, bar, production, security, logistics, technique, promoters, curators of spaces and sports, scenography, special effects. It is a huge chain of professionals from the most diverse so that the festival really comes to life”, says Keni Martins, creator of Rap In Cena.

Rap In Cena World still impacts the city's tourism. “Because of the festival, the demand for hotels, taxis, mobility app increases a lot. Just as there is an increase in the movement of people through bus stations, airports and train stations, shopping malls, parks and squares”, points out Keni.

Another sector that gains strength with the realization of Rap In Cena is education. With Rap In Cena Educa, the organization of the event will be promoting actions in the intervals of state schools in Porto Alegre, together with União Gaúcha dos Estudantes. “The top five students from each school will win tickets to the event. In addition, activations of hip hop culture will be taking place during recess”, explains Keni.

Rap In Cena Educa has already started its activities at Parobé and Júlio de Castilhos schools, and will take place until the end of September, totaling 20 schools in the state network covered. Names such as Rafa Rafuagi, responsible for the Hip Hop Museum in Porto Alegre and Mari Marmontel, a member of Poetas Vivos, are among the guests for the activations that include a poetry workshop, pocket show and chat about hip hop culture.

Rap In Cena World also reinforces its social actions. The organization of the event encourages the public to opt for the Solidarity Ticket, and estimates that more than 100 tons of food will be collected. Strategies to reduce the impacts of generated waste are also in the planning.

“Our goal has always been to promote hip hop culture and all that it encompasses, so encouraging people to opt for the solidarity ticket and donate food on the day of the event is a key we always insist on pressing. As well as thinking about sustainable actions. It's no use doing a rap event that doesn't make the public wake up to important topics”, concludes Keni Martins.

Credit: Carolina de Araújo Schubert

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